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Beautified, Dreamified, Miix 5.

Frequently Asked Questions

Miix is a custom firmware designed to bring a Samsung Experience-styled user experience to older devices, mostly Samsung ones.

Yes, given that you are careful on what you are downloading and installing on your device. If you don't know what root, TWRP, bricking, or how to restore a device from a PC, never attempt to flash this firmware. Always seek for an expert first before attempting to do so.

Go to Settings, then Advanced features. Open all customization options for the first time. It should now fix the issue.

Miix is packaged completely, though customizable. So you never need to download any thing but Miix itself.
The ZIP already includes:
- Pre-packaged Google applications - optional
- Pre-packaged SuperSU
- ANT+ Framework - optional
- Samsung Apps - optional
- Country Service packs for select countries - optional
- Flipboard Briefing - optional

To check your Miix version, go to Settings, then System updates and see your Miix version.

To do a software update, go to Settings, System updates, then tap Software updates.
If it doesn't flash, or simply reboots to recovery, the update is located at /sdcard/OTAUpdates/(version).zip
e.g. /sdcard/OTAUpdates/

Having issues? Since Mx4, updating has been done through the resilient servers from Github, making it accessible to most people. But you may experience issues when updating if:
- GitHub servers (on your country) are currently down
- Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) blocked you from using GitHub
- Your ISP is too slow to connect to their servers

Miix 5 is available as a full ROM and an over-the-air update for devices with Miix 4 already installed.

Simply do a System update on your current Miix 4 installation to migrate to Miix 5.

Thank you! :)
You can send feedback, or suggest features from the Software Updates app (Settings > Software updates > Feedback), or by contacting us through our social pages below.


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