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The Prime Story

How did the premier developers of simple and elegant things even started? The main man, Jovic77, tells the story to us.

"Our story starts with a very honest want to create a simple ROM to entice my needs to be seamless on what I do, either on PC or mobile. But, the first times weren't the case, I simply just want a Cyanogen device. That's where TeamRockMTK and CGen OS started.
We have lost access to the admin tools of this website. Therefore, this is permanently kept in the internet. xD

CGen (a CM-based ROM bringing features of CyanogenOS to non-COS devices) was actually my first ROM (Psst! not Prime).

It went really great, OTAs are delivered timely... until my device (and my interest) was lost. My main maintaining device, a simple, bare-bones Lenovo A328 (which by the way, went really great. Custom ROMs really do run perfectly on this device), broke.

But hope wasn't lost, a Galaxy Grand Prime went to the shores of my radars.

I just wanted to have a device with a Note7 (or Note Fan Edition, if you care)-styled UI. I just presented my idea, then a lot of people (I mean it, a lot) want the same thing. The one I just personally owned, is then shared to everyone in the world. Then, Gracified Hybrid was born.

Gracified (as I call it) was released along with Hybrid Developers, and the our new mantra,

Simple. Elegant. Useful.

It went extremely great. The highlighting features of CGen is brought to Gracified (including OTA updating and monthly security updates), and it went the best experience ever (at that time).

But there is a very large room for improvement. And because the Galaxy S8 was recently released, Prime is born.

It was actually just a randomly-named project.  I just wanted to reduce the 'Hybrid' branding on ROMs and making it as the 'team name' instead.

I also want to give 'Hybrid' back to Eden532 (Lumiere today) since most of his ROMs are named such (On7 Hybrid, J3 Hybrid). And, most people were confused about On7 Hybrid and Gracified, so I really need to choose a different one.

Since the latest Galaxy devices at that time when Prime 2.x is being developed were the J Prime devices (like the J5 Prime, J7 Prime), and the the new member of the Grand Prime family was named J2 Prime (which is, Grand Prime+ in some territories), there. Prime.

I never thought that Prime, just a hobbyist's afternoon experiment during a boring school break, will be one of the most popular ROMs for the Grand Prime, and I'm happy about that. Prime was the first ROM I've made that was discovered at XDA. 

And with the release of Prime's successor, Miix, the best with speed and the elegance of Prime is mixed (or, Miix-ed) into one. A ROM that is elegant, but speedy and fast."

Always remember:
"Life is all about experiencing on doing the things you love the most."

Official Developer and Founder, Hybrid Development Team

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