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Dreamified. Beautified. Miix 5.


Perfection is here.



Miix is developed hand-by-hand, code-by-code by HybridTeam. After a month of Miix 4's release, we've reached the peak of perfection.

Near-Latest Experience

Want to have the latest Galaxy device, but don't have the budget? Miix 5 has got you covered. From the lock screen, to the home screen, to every app you use. You'll feel that you're having a new device.


The elgance doesn't stop at the home and lock screens. MxUI is unified across the whole ROM. From contacts, to messages, to photos, even the camera. The elegance of Miix is seen throughout the UI.



From beauty, to unity. Miix is one of Hybrid Development Team's most recognizable custom ROMs, and Miix 5 is one of them.

Yummy O's

Miix is designed to be Android's latest release, 8.0 Oreo. With Miix, you wouldn't have to sacrifice elegance with a new Android version. Every thing is Miix-ed into one.

Updates Guaranteed

HybridTeam's ROMs' one greatest strength is monthly security updates. We are sure that you are not behind the latest features and security patches. And with our open software blog, you are assured on what we change on your device.


Miix 4 lags? Miix 5 solves it, with more.

The Next-gen HyKernel

Miix 5 is built with the 4th generation of Hybrid kernels, improving speeds and bringing good performance even on low-end devices.

Battery Friendly

With the 4th generation HyKernel's "adaptive battery saving", you get the performance when you want it, and battery when you need it.

Faster Browsing

Miix 5 just doesn't improve performance, it also improved internet speeds, both on mobile and Wi-Fi. So you could browse, send, and wander the web faster than ever before.



Miix 5 brings a more personal experience for you, for everyone.

Theme Center

Miix supports a vast array of icon packs available online. And download MTPAPI-compatible icon packs on XDA and experience full theming.


Your one-stop shop for mods and add-ons that work for Miix, improving your own Miixperience, the way you want it.


Customizable UI

A very first for Miix, the user interface is now customizable. Whether you may be #TeamDark, or #TeamLight, Miix caters it all.


A new member of Miix, this is your go-to for Miix-themed and Hybrid-curated wallpapers.

Images Say More Than Words

See Miix 5's perfection in photos.

Supported Devices

All aforemented devices are supported by one installer only.

- Galaxy Grand Prime DUOS (SM-G530H/DS) [XCU/XCS]
- Galaxy Grand Prime DUOS (SM-G530H/DS) [XXU/XXS]
- Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G530H/DV) [XXU/XXS]
- Galaxy Grand Prime LTE (SM-G530F) [XXU/XXS]
- Galaxy Grand Prime LTE (SM-G530FZ) [XXU/XXS]
- Galaxy Gran Prime (SM-G530BT) [XXU/XXS]

Experience perfection now.


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